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LONG SLEEVE SWIMWEAR ONLINE Long Sleeve Swimwear Online Shopping Long Sleeve Swimwear for women online in South Africa Online Shopping for Long Sleeve Swimwear Long Sleeve Swimsuit South Africa SHOP Long Sleeve Swimwear online in SOUTH AFRICA. BUY Long Sleeve Swimwear and get FREE delivery anywhere in South Africa. Long Sleeve Swimwear ONLINE in South Africa at Divas Fashions. Buy all the latest Long Sleeve Swimwear from our online swimwear store South Africa. Browse our collection of Long Sleeve Swimwear online South Africa. Secure online shopping for Long Sleeve Swimwear with FAST SHIPPING. Get CHEAP Long Sleeve Swimwear online. As with many things in fashion history, information on the garment's origin is a Shop for your delightful "rashie", the local term for a long-sleeved swim top. Starting in the 1970s, surfers and scuba divers would wear lycra layers to chafe-proof their skin under wetsuits, and as these bronzed athletes starting wearing them around the popular surfing beaches of the world, the rest of us followed suit. While we love the sporty functionality and major sun protection factor of this piece, we also delight in seeing the fashion crowd embracing the rash guard, injecting it with fun and wearability. All of our go-to swim shops are practically overflowing with beautiful pieces — we've even seen a few designers embracing the term "fashguard" — and we just can't wait to show you some of our favorites. Click through to increase your swimwear wardrobe and decrease your exposure to the sun. No one likes it when a day on the board is ruined by the sudden realisation that your chest is going to pay for the fun you're having now with pain and discomfort for the next few days. Invest in some good rash vests (or rash guards to you avid swimmers/scuba lovers) and they will turn your surf trip, or any other time in the water, into an occasion that you can't (and more importantly don't have to) wait to repeat. At Divas Fashions we understand that swimwear shopping can be a bit daunting. So we promise to go above and beyond to make your experience stress free! We believe every body is different, and every body is beautiful, so no matter what your shape or size - we have something perfect for you. Go on... take the plunge and rock what you've got!

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